Bionik Barrier

Roger Technology automatic barriers have been designed in 2 series and represent the ideal solution for all automations used in residential, condominium, commercial and industrial car parks. Highly successful, the barriers for motorway car parks, are fast and integrated with Vehicle Priority Systems. All of the versions have been developed with a modern design and are strong with a low aesthetic impact..

Barriers:   Up to 4mt long
Power line supply:   230V AC – 50 Hz
Motor power supply:   36V DC
Electrical absorption:   0-15A
Power rating:   220W
Frequency of use:   Continue
Torque:   0 – 200 N m
Operating temperature:   – 20 + 55 C°
Protection level:   IP54
Reductor Type:   Irreversible
Opening time:   1,5÷6 sec (up to 3 m) – 3÷6 sec (up to 4 m)
Onboard control unit:   CTRL Digital Controller 36V DC
Encoder:   Digital native encoder + magnetic digital SENSORED, 4096 PPR
Accessories power supply:   24V DC
Colour:   Cabinet: painted RAL9006 arabesque grey – Head: black arabesque silver painted – Boom support: plastic RAL9005 – Boom: painted RAL9010 matt
Release system:   STANDARD Key cylinder – Optional European Cylinder (Cod. RL670)
Batteries recovery:   Available (optional)
BUS synchronization Master/Slave:   Yes
Operating cycles per day (opening/closing – 24 hours no stop):   5000 cycles
Maximum dimension product in mm (L x W x H):   280 x 210 x 1203
Product weight packed (Kg):   46,2
Number items per pallet:   8